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follow the new banner. Long before the Great
War there was a book by Sir Max Waechter, a
friend of King Edward the Seventh, advocating
the United States of Europe, and that inexact
but flattering parallelism to the United States
of America has recurred frequently ; as a phrase
thrown out by Monsieur Briand for example,
and as a project put forward by an Austrian-
Japanese writer. Count Coudenhove-Kalergi,
who even devised a flag for the Union. The
main objection to the idea is that there are hardly
any states completely in Europe, except Switzer-
land, San Marino, Andorra and a few of the
Versailles creations. Almost all the other
European states extend far beyond the European
limits both politically and in their sympathies
and cultural relations. They trail with them
more than half mankind. About a tenth of the
British Empire is in Europe and still less of the
Dutch Empire ; Russia, Turkey, France, are
less European than not; Spain and Portugal have
their closest links with South America.
Few Europeans think of themselves as
<e Europeans **. I, for example, am English,
and a large part of my interests, intellectual and
material, are Transatlantic. I dislike calling
myself" British " and I like to think of myself as
a member of a great English-speaking community*